Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Call for Help

Young Adult Teen Tuesday is a meme hosted by the wonderful Sheri Larsen to showcase all aspects of creating a Young Adult Story.

So... Although I am one of the original participants, I can safely say that I'm far from a regular one. Which makes be feel bad. But today, I have something that's weighing on my heart.

Something, involving my YA Fantasy Epic, Doorways. See, my one crit partner extraordinaire  won't be able to critique the ms anymore, because he's about to release his own book.

And that left me with a bit of a problem. Because I have a little more than 100 days left to finish the story... and now am needing a cp whose core strength lies with copy editing.

And who made me laugh. Even though he was so brutally honest that it stung sometimes.

And I need a cp like that if I'm to have any hope of finishing on time. I did start looking for cps and came up with a promising one, but she's still drafting, which is something that I don't want to interrupt with my editing. So although I will definitely be her cp, I can't get the work out right now.

And I'm really really scared of just putting my baby out there to for a stranger without a familiar face to read.

So here I am. Asking begging you. If you are getting to the point where you want to send your work to be critted and you're good at copy editing other people's work, please please please think of me. If you want, I'll ask my other cp's to contact you so that you can see that I don't only take without giving in return.

Okay... begging aside, here's a bit more:

Doorways is the first book of a four book YA Fantasy epic. But I'm willing to crit almost anything except erotica and too dark fantasy. So period novels, thrillers, procedurals, sci fi, romances, fantasy etc all welcome.

My strengths: characterization, world building, plot, voice, pacing.

I need: someone strong on copy-edits, who are honest, but who knows the difference between critting and being critical. Someone who can start within this week.

So if you are that person, and you need a person like me or you know such a person that you can vouch for, please contact me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Thanks very very much in advance!

And... because I am so very grateful that you read all of this, if you need a crit and don't suit my profile, put your needs, strengths and contact details in the comments section. Who knows? Maybe you strike it lucky. X


  1. I think Clarissa Draper has a list of critiquers on her site - you might see someone you know.

  2. I can copy edit very thoroughly. What sort of turnaround are you looking for?

  3. I've got my plate full with 8 other peeps novels at this time or I'd offer. Not to mention, I'm trying to get my book's revisions done. It's almost there. I've got 60 some chapters ready for the editor-for-hire.

  4. Good luck, Misha. I'm fair with copyedit type things, but I'm not able to offer assistance right now as I'm bogged down with my own life and projects.

  5. Good luck Misha. I'd be happy to crit for you, but I'm not sure copyediting is my strong point.

  6. Good luck Misha! I hope you find someone...I'm a terrible copyeditor.

  7. All the best Misha! I hope you find that perfect copyeditor for yourself.


  8. I hope you find some one really good. I still have a long way to go before I crit someone's work. Check this link out at Rach Writes
    Maybe you will find someone there.

  9. I would if I could but I've never tried to edit someone else's writing before, not sure I know enough about things like punctuation and so on. Still, someone will step forward now that you've asked.
    Blessings, Geoff.

  10. I've never done this yet, so I'm not going to be able to help you but I really hope you find someone wonderful.

  11. I'm sorry I'm not able to offer, but I see someone else did above. Good luck to both of you!!

  12. I sent Clarissa Draper a chapter and she critiqued it. This was a year ago or so. Try one of your stronger chapters and see if she will critique it. Good luck to you!

  13. Misha, I'm so sad - I would LOVE to exchange crits with you but am just sooo busy right now in the critting department. Maybe someday eventually, for one of your later books?! Good luck finding a critique partner - I found mine through Lynnette Labelle's blog but I see from the above comments that there are a wealth of similar opportunities on many blogs!

  14. Good luck Misha with finding a CP. I would have loved to volunteer as your CP, but as I am already critting 3 writer's books as well as revising my own, that I know I won't be able to do justice to another book right now.

    I am sure you will find a wonderful CP soon.

  15. I'll be able to help again in June. That's only three months away...well 2-1/2. I luv you Misha <3

  16. Misha, If you are desperate, you can send me a couple of chapters to see if I am able to help! After I edit the work you can make further decisions!

    I spend my day checking student work for Grades 10 to 12 years, in Australia - as you are from Oz our spelling and grammar would be on a similar page!

    I must inform you though,I have never been a critique partner and this would be my first time helping in this way!

    Let me know what you think!

  17. I am editing my own book and don't think I'm qualified to offer any services in truth. I do hope you find a CP to fill in for a few months.

    I awarded you the Kreativ Award though :) Pick it up tomorrow at WordsinSync X

  18. Good luck with finding someone to look at your work!


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