Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rock Bottom and Sky High.

So sorry for my unannounced absence these past few days.

Monday kind of got lost between research for that other WiP of mine and I promised to write an awesome post on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I hit rock bottom. As in, if I was through dynamite and a shovel, I'd have found myself in China. I don't know whether it's due to staffing problems, laziness or just plain insensitivity, but my illustrious Tertiary institution decided to let me know by TEXT MESSAGE that I would not be allowed to continue my studies. No reason. Nothing. Just one hundred and sixty characters' worth of soul destruction.

By this morning though, I came to an interesting realization. I had hit the bottom of the hole, so there was nothing else to do but salvage and/or move on. The time had finally arrived for me to tough it out. So I drove to my University and asked for an explanation from the admin. See... I could not grasp how I could be kicked out on a single subject. The message made me almost doubt in myself, since I started to think that I could have failed another one or two of the subjects. Funny how quickly that came up.

But then I made a funny decision to a) Trust God in where He was going to make me go and b) refuse to believe that I could have done so badly after I had written so well for the other modules. c) Find a job that would be worth my while. I might not have a degree, but I would not let that ruin my life. By gum! (I should mention that I get very blustery when I tough things out. When I start gritting my teeth, people should run for their basements.)

So I walked into the lady's office and asked quite nicely for an explanation. (See, for all my bluster, I also know that it's much easier to get things done by asking nicely.) And here it is. One of my module's marks have yet to be confirmed. They had turned the entire process of admissions over to a computer program that reads an unconfirmed mark as a 0% performance. That, with the economics was just enough to put me on the so called blacklist. 

But basically, I had nothing to worry about until 10 January. But I was much too relieved to be annoyed. 

In fact I was almost in tears. 

But I stuck to my job decision and started looking. I found a job as a restaurant manager close to my home and applied. The owner called me back a few hours later for an interview! So if everything goes well, I might be employed by the end of December. 

I'm thrilled! But I'm still praying about it. If I'm meant to get the job, I will. If not, I know that something better is on the way. 

That's my news. Anything big happen since I was around last?


  1. A text message? Seriously. Wow, how unprofessional. Glad to see it's working out for you though :)

  2. Misha, I hit rock bottom too. And I hit it hard. Things happen for a reason. bah humbug! A text message. I'm coming after them...

  3. Very brave, keep up with those prayers. Hugs..

  4. I'm glad it worked out, but, seriously, a TEXT MESSAGE? Even if it had been a legit thing, that's not the way to let you know!

  5. Nothing big happened here, but what a story! I'd give you a couple hugs if I knew you in real life. It seems you went through quite a roller coaster. BUT you seemed to turn it right around :) You're such a strong person!

  6. Hi Misha,
    Unbelievable. A text message. How insensitive of them and rather impersonal.
    I think your maintaining of a positive attitude is absolutely brilliant. Wishing you all the very best and keep smiling.
    In kindness, Gary

  7. Jeeze, that's tough. Good for you, getting answers and pushing through it!

  8. A text message? That's about as ridiculous as turning decision making over to a computer program. I'm glad you went down there to find out for yourself, and wish you luck in whatever is meant to happen.

  9. I must say, now that the shock and glee wore off, I'm getting a tad annoyed. Imagine. Next thing I know we'll start getting text messages saying:

    "Your mother died of a sneeze attack at 01:05.


    I mean, I'm all for speed and convenience, but really. There must be a limit somewhere, right?

    Anyway, thanks so much for the sympathy and support. This will not be the last time that I tell you all that you are absolutely awesome.


  10. I am appalled that they would send you a text message to tell you something that important. You were probably one of many going into the office and asking for an explanation.

    Hang in there. It will work out however it's meant to, and whatever happens, you'll be fine. No, better than fine.

  11. Misha,

    Since you're other grade just hadn't been recorded yet you can finish school right?

  12. I can't believe they sent you a text message of all things--they could have been a little more professional about it all!

    Keep going--things will work out.

  13. So sorry to read this (and sorry to be late commenting too). I think you’re right in so many ways . . . making alternative plans, and trusting God. I did both, and I think it’s going to work out somehow, just like I think it will for you.

    I can’t skype, but if you ever fancy google chat or anything, I’d be pleased to talk :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  14. Gosh what a terrible experience! Glad it turned out well and you took control :O)

  15. How impersonal! Reminds me of the guy that told his wife he wanted a divorce with a email.
    Best of luck whichever way it turns out. With a good attitude and willingness to adapt to change you'll do fine.

    Tossing It Out

  16. That is SOOOO uncool! Hugs to you. I know 2011 will be much better :) And congrats on the almost-job, can't wait to hear how you go :)


  17. Yikes... talk about some emotional ups and downs! I hope you're able to enjoy the holidays despite the uncertainty... I'm sure whatever is meant to happen will happy, and in the meantime, stay positive and congrats on what sounds like a pretty successful interview!

  18. Hey all, thanks very much for the good wishes. It really is wonderful to know that you guys are always cheering me on and supporting me. I hope to one day do the same for you.

    Yes Beth, unless it turns out I failed the unrecorded module, I will be let back into school. I can finish my degree either way though, just not at my uni of choice. Thank you very much for asking.





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