Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finally, I can post.

Oh my word I was at the point of freaking out.

I'm addicted to blogging and I waited ONE AND A HALF hours for the new post window to open up. *sniff sniff.*

I never felt so alone.

Anyway, pulling myself together now. All is well.

What I really wanted to blog about today is one of those guidelines I mentioned yesterday. I want a healthier lifestyle.

This implies eating better and including more exercise.

And as if it was my destiny, Kelly posted about her goal on her blog.

Fate, I tell you.

She wants to be active for one hour a day, every day for the next five months. And she wants to make it a group activity. So any blogger and/or follower can join in and spend some time being active (and building that hot bod.)

There are no rules on how you do the activities. You can do what you want, when you want as long as your activities add up to sixty minutes of mild to serious (my addition) sweat.

I'm in as of Saturday. I know I know, it sounds like I'm procrastinating. But I think I add more value by lying comfortably in my mom's air conditioned room than stroked out in hospital. We're having a heat wave this week. But maybe I'll make up my active time by swimming... Hmm... there's an idea.

Oh. I forgot to mention that there will be prizes. GO CHECK OUT KELLY'S BLOG!

So what about you? Are you in?


AlexOngNYC said...

Yes! I've been doing yoga every Tuesday and tonight I'm trying out my first Kettlebell class!

Breakfast Every Hour

Colene Murphy said...

Sounds awesome! Swimming would be so in the heat and a great exercise too! I say do that!

Misha said...

Great guys! Just let Kelly know. Best of luck!

N. R. Williams said...

A great endeavor. I wish you all the best of luck. I'd do a smaller version of that. 60 minutes is too much for me. I just reached the milestone of being able to stand for almost 30 minutes without severe pain. (A car accident injury).
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Melissa Gill said...

Good plan that dovetails perfectly with my goal to work out 28 days out of every month this year.

The Golden Eagle said...

Good luck on the 60 minutes! I'll have to check it out myself--it sounds like a cool idea!

Devin Bond said...

Good luck. I joined up, too. Let's cheer each other on!

Amanda the Aspiring said...

Good luck! It sounds like your heat wave is a lot more serious than my heat wave. Mine topped at a little under 10˚C, and now we're back around -10˚C. =)

WritingNut said...

Great plan and good luck! I'm planning to get back to the gym and eat better as well :)

Jessica Lei said...

HEAT STROKE?! That sounds so weird when it's been around freezing here! Good luck to you and everyone who participates :D

Misha said...

Ah yes I believe you posted about the injury in your blog. Baby steps are the best way. Hope you get lots better this year though. :-)

Great, Melissa. Sounds like a great way to get into the swing of things. :-)

I think it's a great idea, Golden. Hope you sign up.

Awesome Devin! Let me know how you're doing.

Haha I'd love to have a heat wave like yours Amanda. :-) That said, I always miss the summer when it's cold.

Thanks WN. Good luck with your healthier lifestyle.

Haha so imagine how weird it is for me, Jessica. Everyone is freezing solid while I'm too afraid to venture into the sun for fear of toasting to a crisp. ;-)

Vanora said...

I'm so in! I need to get my lazy butt up and in shape for my job anyhow. It's going to be hard though. I find exercising by myself to be extremely boring; which leads to no motivation to do it :/ Any suggestions anyone?

Misha said...

well... I tend to keep the exercise as intense as possible, which means that I don't need to spend long periods doing it.

Also, take up something fun. I love fencing, so I used to spend at least four hours a week doing moderate to intense cardio without feeling as if I'm forcing myself to exercise.

My fencing also benefits from being fitter, so I spend more time doing exercises that will help me fence better...