Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ever had one of those days?

You might have picked up that I'm starting to be more active on my social networks, including this blog. And the thing is that I've been wanting to get back to my usual MWF posting schedule again.

But man.

Today is just crap.

Have you ever felt like someone put your life on slow mo while time just marches on?

That's what my day was like today.

It seemed simple enough.

Wake up. Wash the floors. Move the horses. Write a vlog post. Write today's blog post. Record vlog post. Move horses back. Edit vlog post.

How did it go?

Woke up.

Wash floor, only to be told we have to move the horses now and oops! We and all the dogs are over the wet tiles.

Move the horses. Takes longer than usual.

Return to floor. Wash it a second time.

Brother and dogs walk over the floor again. So I hand him the mop.

Sit down to write vlog post. Get called to early lunch.

Sit down to write vlog post. Remember admin stuff I have to help my brother/assistant with.

Sit down to write vlog post.

It's time to move the horses back. But this time, they have to put on blankets, which they DO NOT LIKE. This takes two hours.

Return to record vlog post. 1) It's dinner time and 2) Battery's dead.

Charge battery.

Record video. Keep forgetting what I want to say, making me take twice as long to record because I keep having to check the script.

Download video.

"Open" video editing software. The program and the others in its suite need to update before I can open and use it.

It's 10 p.m.


But at the same time... I have so much to be grateful for.

How is/was your day? 


  1. Thankfully there were no horses involved other than the horsepower under the hood of my car.

    1. Hahahahaha

      Actually it's awesome to work with the horses, but when they're persnickety, expect delays.

  2. My days off are usually like that--I make a huge to do list and before I know it, it's time for bed and I haven't even done half of it. Sometimes things take longer than you plan.

    1. YES! My days off are like that too. But the plus side for me is that usually it's because I end up doing nothing on those days, which is good since I need to rest to.

      But Wednesday was me basically spinning my wheels when I shouldn't have. :-/

  3. I'm having trouble getting out of bed, but I get up eventually. I won't let Franklin and Penelope suffer because the bed calls to me. We've had a lot of heavy rain. The rain makes it especially difficult for me to feel motivated.


    1. Sorry about your trouble. :-( I hope it becomes easier in time. X

  4. Some days tend to fly past like that with so much to do. Stay grateful and hopeful, greetings to you and best wishes!

  5. Days like those are definitely crap. I just have to hear cleaning and I'm in a bad mood. But you did accomplish a lot anyway;)So, you should be proud of yourself. Hope today is better.

  6. Yup. I fell so far behind this week. Arrgh! One foot in front of the other, fortify, and all that jazz... yeah, I'm getting there. *stares at coffee cup*


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