Friday, February 26, 2016

Update Day (Leap Year Edition)

I can’t believe that yet another month has passed for this year. It’s a bit shocking to think, but we’re going into the last month of the first quarter. Today is the last Friday of the month, which means it’s time for another Update Day.

For those of you who don’t know, Beth Fred and I host a monthly bloghop. We’re currently fourteen writers who set big/crazy/important goals and then update once a month on our progress toward those goals.

You can click here for more information and more detail on the rules. As for the rest of the people taking part in the bloghop…

So… let’s see how I did on my goals for last month:


1) 60k written, 60 hours edited or a combination of the two.
I’m REALLY close at the moment. Between rewrites and edits, I racked up 59k words. I want to write some more before the end of the month, but we’ll see. Since I’m moving house at the moment.

2) Finish Wo6C3 rewrites.
Funny story. The rewrites have been finished for months now without me realizing it.

3) Finish Endless edits and formatting. 

4) Revise ES1
Didn’t get to this, but all my critiques are in.

5) Resume writing BvB2
Didn’t get to this either.

6) Start rough revisions to O1
Nor this.

7) Prep DM1 rewrite
*Cough* I uh… *cough cough* Wrote 37k words for the rewrite. *Cough hack cough*

8) Work on CdW concept.
Didn’t get to this.

9) Rough draft StW.
Didn’t get to this.


Read 6 books.
Not a single book this month. Work, writing and life conspired to make reading impossible to me.

Networking & Marketing:

1) Finish arranging blog tour. 
Pretty much done.

2) Send out e-arcs to reviewers. 
Not yet, but I’m basically just waiting for a reliable internet connection so I can send the books out.

3) Start A to Z Challenge Posts.

4) Start prepping for blog tour.
I’ve started here and there, but I’ll make more progress this month.

5) Finish Endless paperback cover.
Done. And I love it.

6) Maintain current blogging activity.
Meh… I had to pull back this week because I just didn’t have the time I wanted to use on social networking.

7) Become more active on one more social network. 
This neither. I’m hoping things will be settling down this month so I can get stuck in properly.


1) Get into a regular work/life/writing schedule.
This month was taken over by work and all other available time went into writing and publishing.

2) Maintain diet change.
I did this as far as possible, but with moving house, healthy eating has pretty much become impossible for the short term.

3) Keep singing.

4) Find new exercise/sport activity.
Not done.

Overall, I think I actually did pretty well on the important stuff, but my work schedule and life at the moment has basically made it impossible for me to achieve more, no matter how much I’d wanted it.


My goals for March:


1) 60000 words written or 60 hours edited or some combination of the two.
2) Revisions to Wo6C3
3) Rough edits to ES1
4) Rough draft BvB2
5) Finish rewrite to DM1
6) Prep rewrite for SS1
7) Work on concept for CdW
8) Rough draft for StW
9) Edits for The Thing That Turned Me and Ghosts of Fire.


Read 6 books
Read at least a few chapters of Les Trois Mousquetaires.

Networking and Marketing:

1) Send out e-arcs if not done by end February.
2) Send out posts and information to everyone involved with the Endless blog tour.
3) Get back into a regular blogging schedule.
4) More involvement in one more social network.
5) Update Amazon’s Author Profiles.
6) Plan and create A to Z Challenge posts.


1) Create balance for work/writing/life
2) Get back into healthy eating habit.
3) Continue with vocal training.
4) Unpack house.
5) Find new sporting/exercise activity. (Yes, this one will keep appearing every month until I actually get this done.)

That’s me for now. How are your goals going so far? 


  1. I need to get ready for the A to Z blog challenge and repost some collections of short fiction on Amazon and finish rewriting the ending to one novel and start the next. Instead, I'll probably fall asleep. Darn you, Netflix, darn you!

  2. Glad to hear you managed the singing. It is important to do things we enjoy and we shouldn't see that as being a waste of time, even if it does cut into the time available for doing other things which we feel we should be doing.

  3. "I'm not worthy!" - I don't know if you're familiar with that old Saturday night live skit, but that's what I'm thinking at the moment. Misha - you rock! I'm totally impressed, and you managed to do all of that and move, too. Wow.

    Best wishes for March! Let me know if I can give some late help for the blog tour - I'm feeling a bit better these days and blogging is something I can do a bit more.

  4. Wow, you got some serious writing done, and while being plenty busy. Give yourself a pat on the back! :)

  5. Misha, I think you are doing great... you can only do your best, good luck with the move... Have an awesome weekend xox

  6. Succeeding despite the curve balls life throws can be challenging, but you're doing what it takes to reach the objective in the end.

  7. I love that you kept singing!

    And if you're doing all that while working overtime and moving I can do naught but tof my hat to you in admiration.

  8. I honestly don't know how you get it all done. Whenever I move house, everything else stops. Everything. You always put me to shame with your energy and determination!

  9. La la la! ;)

    Despite the fact that you have some items not done, your list was so large that an incredible amount of progress still seems to have been made in the end...especially considering the move!

  10. Whoa Misha, you've had a busy month. Don't envy you getting your A-Z posts ready. Thankfully I'm not participating, I'm writing instead,hoping to reach my goals there.

  11. Best of luck with the move. Sorry you didn't get to do as much reading or writing as you hoped. I didn't, either! March will be better-- for BOTH of us. Keep on keeping on. And rock that tour!!!
    There's a 5 part post over on OA about tours. Might help you out.

  12. You are on a journey and I think all that you have accomplished has been pretty good. Huzzah! Congrats Misha.

  13. Holy Moly, you're busy and productive. Good luck with the A to Z challenge. I've yet to do it.

    And good luck with your goals for March. I can't believe it's almost here.

  14. You're doing exceptionally great! All the best with all your goals :)

  15. Wow, I think you've accomplished a great deal. 59K words is fantastic! And moving house as well... sounds like you've been working hard.

  16. You've done great! The fact you got that much done with moving and working is amazing. :)

  17. You have the best laid out goal list ever!!

  18. Those are some goals! I can't imagine setting all of them for myself, so here's my very best in reaching them. I think goal setting is one huge and important step toward success.


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