Thursday, November 26, 2015

Just stopping by...

... to wish my US friends a happy Thanksgiving.

I'll be back tomorrow for update day.

Love you all. (And am thankful to know every single one of you.)



  1. Thanks for popping in to express a Thanksgiving wish. :) Hope your day, even though not a celebratory one where you reside, was a happy one too.

  2. Just dropping in to wish you and yours a happy day today. I'm thankful that writing has brought me the opportunity to get to know you. Be well.

  3. Have a great day Misha... I am happy to know you too xox

  4. Hi human, Misha,

    Ah yes, that's two Thanksgiving Days in two months. So, indeed, here's to our US friends having a peaceful, pawsitive Thanksgiving.

    I'm thankful and my alleged human, Gary, is thankful to know your good self.

    All the beast, oops, all the best,

    Penny xx :)

  5. Hope you had a good day at your bay

  6. I hoping that every one had a happy Thanksgiving. I thank you for wishing all of us a happy one.


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