Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Challenge. Accepted.

Hi everyone! So, my plans to resume my regular posting schedule from Monday didn't work out quite as planned, and today I'm just too exhausted to put any major thought into what I'd like to write here for today. 

See last night, someone on Wattpad accused me of stealing her cover (which was as a result of Wattpad wrongfully putting her cover on my book on her app). The mind boggles as to how that could happen, but it's far from the biggest thing about last night to boggle my mind. But, let's not delve into the unpleasantness except to say that it took me until 2:30 this morning to clear up, which means I'm currently running on about four hours worth of proper sleep. 

Yes, it is indeed impressive that I am this coherent still at 5pm the next day with only one cup of instant coffee to sustain me. That said, I'm not pushing it, which is why I'm ever so grateful that J Lenni Dorner tweeted me this: 

That's right, the 777 Challenge is back, and since I'm working on multiple projects that are all different from the last time I took part, I'd thought this is perfect for today. 

777 challenge on the blog of @JLenniDorner

To recap, the rules are as follows: 

1) Go to page 7 of your WiP. 
2) Go to the 7th line of page 7.
3) Copy 7 sentences from line 7 on page 7.
4) Tag 7 people. (I'm tagging a few more, though.)

Since it's the easiest for me to do, let me see what's on page seven of Book 3 in The War of Six Crowns. Bewarned, though. This is only moderately better than a rough draft, since I don't edit until drafts are done...

Callan sighed. Surely this was relatively well-known. Maybe the news just hasn't reached earth yet. 
"The wedding was supposed to be part of an alliance," she said. 
"We know," Claire said, putting her a bit more at ease. 
Gawain returned with a tray and set it down before taking a seat next to Callan. The room suddenly went buzzing as if someone had smashed a beehive at their table. 

I'm going to challenge... All of my buddies at Untethered Realms and anyone else who wants to take part. What are you working on at the moment? 


  1. The cover thing sure must have been a pain in the butt indeed.

  2. Intriguing glimpse into your story.

  3. You cleared up the cover snafu! That's gotta count for something. :) Hope you catch up on your sleep soon.

  4. Such a fun hop. I was tagged in that one a while back. =)

    I'm hip-deep in Timeless and trying to love the draft while my inner editor screams to hate it. I think I need cookies.

  5. Good that the cover snafu worked out! How frustrating is that?! Get some sleep.

  6. Wow, it was a computer glitch. Chill, lady.
    Glad it got worked out.

  7. Sorry about that person who accused you; obviously, they were wrong, but it still must have been stressful to deal with. And I like that 777 challenge, especially the last line about how everyone started "buzzing" the moment the two characters sat together (that made me think, "Hmm, I wonder what's going on between THEM?").

  8. The world is full of new glitches that suck time...that we don't have to spare. :(

  9. So sorry you had all that trouble, but you handled it like a champ. Rest up and best of luck with the rest of this. Great stuff!

  10. I never got the hang of Wattpad. I didn't find it very Elizabeth-friendly.

    I did finish the first book! Good job :) Now, I need to write a stellar review.

  11. OMG. That sounds like some serious drama over nothing. You'd think that person would have realized there is no way someone would steal her cover like that. Sometimes technology is more of a pain than it needs to be. I love your 7 sentences, though!

  12. Oh goodness what a hassle! Glad you got it fixed even though it took so long . . . and it really sucks she'd react that way. :-/

    Fun 777 game, I did it last year! And I'm still feeling the buzzing, by the way. ;)

  13. So sorry to hear about the cover fiasco. Glad you finally got it worked out.


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