Sunday, November 15, 2015

In memory of all who lost their lives to terrorism this year.


Blood littered the streets last night
Blood littered the streets
Of the city formerly of light.
Now in mourning.

Blood littered the streets last week
Blood littered the streets
Amid cries and tears and screams
That went unheard.

Blood littered the streets in January. 
Blood littered the streets
Of what used to be a town
No. Blood flowed down those streets. 
A river of death to water a village razed. 
The silence still leaves me amazed.

Blood littered the streets today
Blood littered the streets
As it litters the streets always.


Without the news.


  1. I stand with you in praying for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. What those heartless animals did is horribly inhumane. God save France and the world.

  2. Yes, I too am amazed. Struggling to come to terms with it, saddened and hopeless I look on and wonder.
    Blessings to you and your post readers, Geoff.

  3. Awful in every way, but yeah, it does always litter the streets in some place of the world.

  4. It's horrifying what's going on, especially in Paris. I wish there was something I could do to help the people who are suffering there.

  5. So many dead in so many places and sadly it will continue.

  6. Sad to think that we'll probably always have violence. But then again, we'll always have good people willing to help those who have been hurt.

  7. Hello,

    Well written poem to remind us all the savagery of terrorism. It is inconceivable for us to understand why terrorists are acting like mad men. They are also human beings but somehow they have gone astray and become deadly.

    Who should be blamed for this? Ideology, religion, indoctrination by power mongers and greedy business men who want to make money, the careless actions of governments.

    Terrorism and blood shed will continue and it is not going to cease. Some one in facebook wrote we should love terrorists to change them. Do you think this is possible? I think to love terrorists is not going to help. Perhaps they should have received love and attention when they were children and a good religious upbringing.

    Fabulous poem which brings out clearly the horrors of terrorism.

    Best wishes

  8. What a powerful post. Sending prayers, positive wishes, and good vibes to all those who have been impacted by the acts of terrorists.

    Hugs to you-

  9. Such a sad, yet timely poem. It's shocking how much blood is spilled across the world each day. Paris is getting the news, but honestly, 129 lives is nothing in the grand scheme of loss. I'm not downplaying the tragedy, only saying that it's really about who is dying and where whether or not it makes the news. Your poem really captures that injustice.


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