Friday, May 15, 2015

Just a quick check-in.

I was going to post something I'd written a while back about how I actually work on multiple goals at a time, but I haven't had a chance to visit any blogs since Wednesday, so I don't think it would be fair to subject people to a long(ish) post.

And although it's only 8:30 pm at the moment, I'm exhausted.

It hasn't actually been a really tough week, but I think the change of season has caught up with me with a cold or something draining my energy.

I'm thinking that going to sleep now and sleeping in will probably help me get over the slump. On the other hand, this will be yet another day where I haven't continued final proofreading for The Vanished Knight. 

Or any of the other writing, critique, publishing and/or editing related things I'm supposed to do. And today is half way through this month.

How strange. I thought May was supposed to be my month off.

Anyway. I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. I want to get The Heir's Choice online for pre-orders too. Because until I do, I'm a bit hampered in my marketing efforts. (Hard to point people anywhere when I don't have anywhere for them to go to.)

And my problem is that I'm not getting the blurb the way I want. It's seriously frustrating, because I'm great at helping other people with their blurbs.

My own, on the other hand, are constantly kicking my ass.

So I'm thinking I should just go sleep and start again when I'm refreshed. No point to trying to edit while sleepy.

How are you doing? Do you also have trouble with your own blurbs?


  1. Hello and warm greetings. Do hang in there, and best wishes!

  2. Oh yeah, I hate writing blurbs for my own works. Great at helping others, sucking at making my own.

  3. I've been writing blurbs recently too - only mine are for submission to agents. Some want a single sentence, others want 100 words, others still want it to be in the form of interpretive dance (ok, bit of an exaggeration). It means as soon as I've got it right, I have to start writing another one in another format.

    Hopefully we'll both get it right before too long :-)

  4. Standing in a pharmacy line thinking about my long writerly list of things to do.

  5. I feel your pain... working on my own blurbs is a horror... but helping others is not a problem. I think as writers we're so close to our stories, it's hard to step back and summarize it.

  6. I hope you woke up refreshed. I also find it easier to work on other people's projects than my own.

    Take it easy on yourself Misha.


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