Thursday, April 9, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Help

This is probably one of the more important things that writers should know about writing. We all need help at some point.

This can possibly taking the form of getting your spouse to do the dishes so you can steal some writing time. Other times, it's when you're stuck writing and the only person who can help will be another writer.

When I started out, (long before I started blogging) I was lucky enough to have a published writer in the house. However, I started moving over to the spec fic dark side and my Gran just isn't all that interested in it (she writes poetry and romance.) Also, she publishes exclusively in South Africa and I focused more on foreign markets, so it just meant that... well... I needed a lot of help from foreign writers.

Sometimes, that makes for... interesting... dinner conversation.

Back to the point (I'm afraid I'm REALLY good at digressing.)

Sometimes, you might simply need to have someone who knows read your story and tell you it doesn't suck. And if it does suck, to tell you what's wrong.

Sometimes, you will be so tired of looking at your own story while editing it that you can't see your own mistakes anymore. Or you'll need someone to read your query. Or to say "There there" when you got your hundredth rejection (trust me. Non-writers don't EVER get it).

No writer is an island. At some point, we all need some advice or a helping hand. So get yourself involved in the writing community.

Just remember: Be the friend you need. 

You want to be helped down the line? MAKE SURE YOU HELP OTHER WRITERS RIGHT NOW. 

What do you usually need help with? 


  1. I need help with critiquing/editing as doing the revisions/rewrites is, for me, the hardest part, the part I like the least.

  2. Oh my, too true that non-writers don't get it. And also true that HELP and support are so crucial. Definitely!! I love the writerly community. :)

  3. I need help with the original idea, critiques, and marketing. And happy to return the favor with any of that.

  4. Need critiques here too. No handle on the quality of my own stuff. Also general pep talks and I'm happy to give out all the above.

  5. Amen to that. Be the change you want to see, eh?

  6. This is so true. We all need a little help on the way. You helped me with some awesome critiques a while back and I hope I did the same. Writing groups, bloggy friends, it all adds up.

  7. All of us need help. And how great that your gran writes and publishes. I think that would be wonderful.

  8. Bish, most people seem to need help with/hate revisions and edits.

    Yes, Carol, the writing community is awesome.

    Alex, you're always welcome to let me know when you need another pair of eyes on your work. ;-)

    Nick, I also always need critiques. Am constantly on a look-out for CPs.

    Exactly, LuAnn.

    Awe thanks, Shell! And yes, you paid me back in spades.

    Lee, it's really nice in that I skipped the "Who am I kidding? I'll never be a writer." bit.


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