Sunday, April 19, 2015

You might have noticed that I'm a bit behind...

It's Sunday night and about 8:30 PM. And I was going to write my first post in an attempt to start catching up.

The thing is... Right now, I don't feel all that light-hearted, which makes my attempts at writing fun, light-hearted posts fall flat. More than that, they jar me. The same thing for my other posts where I'm looking for the positive spin in everything.

Don't worry. This isn't one of those letters that warns people to frantically start calling, texting, send mailer pigeons and all that stuff.

Really, the thing is... I'm tired. Not of writing. I've only really gotten back to it in December. Emotionally. See at the moment, I'm putting a lot into getting another new business off the ground. And while my new business is still in a very crucial place where I'm trying to create trust and to make money...

My Internet.
Or slows.
To a crawl.

Which is a problem when my office is in a place with zero reception and the phone works through the Internet too.

Oh, and when my Internet connection is "online" it's not, because I live in a country where our government runs the power company and their solution to not being able to generate enough power for its economy and population is:

"When it's cold. Please burn fires instead of turning your heaters on. Turn off unnecessary appliances in peak times and HOLY CRAP. WE DIDN'T MAINTAIN SO SOMETHING BROKE, SO ALTHOUGH IT'S DURING BUSINESS HOURS, EVERYONE MUST TAKE TURNS OF BETWEEN ONE AND THREE HOURS A DAY WHERE WE TURN THE POWER OFF. SORRY ECONOMY."

Seriously. If you ever wondered: State run utilities are dinosaurs that should be extinct. The sooner the government puts it out of its misery and brings in private suppliers with no price regulation, the better. This is basic economics and the sooner the people in power (See what I did there?) get with the damned program, the sooner everyone else (and the economy) can move on.

On the plus side, my company exports goods, so all these screw ups are technically good for me because they push the exchange rate in the right direction to increase my profits. Would just be very very nice if I could stay connected long enough to do the freaking business. (From my mouth/fingertips to God's ears/eyes.)

Because how exactly am I supposed to get anything done when I can't even send as much as a text?

This week has been rough, ya'll.

Tuesday knocked me onto my ass. Wednesday had me recovering a bit but waiting for Friday. Now this weekend's over and I'm rested, but I'm just not in the mood.

And you know, even now as I'm writing this, I know I'm still in a good place. Next week should see the business done and things going better again. A lot of people don't even have a hope of that. I know this.

So anyway... Right now I'm deciding if I should decide to call it quits for the A to Z Challenge this year. Honestly, it's been days since I've been able to visit anyone and just posting without visiting isn't really in the spirit of this challenge. I feel terrible about it. I just don't know if I can do anything about it while my Internet continues to be an ass.

That said, it's night, and I might still be a bit tired, so I'll sleep on it and see. Let me know if you have any advice/encouragement, though.


  1. Decide tomorrow. If you can post, just start with the next letter and keep going.

  2. Roadblocks. Even though they can be a learning experience--especially in patience--they're rarely fun. Hang in there...make progress where you can, in your business and writing. Even if you're behind...progress is progress (that's what I remind myself too).

  3. Do whatever makes you feel the happiest/satisfied/most accomplished. (and have some candy!)

  4. I know it doesn't help, but I'm struggling to do the challenge. I keep plodding on, but I'm not making it to as many blogs as I wanted to. Oh well, some year I'll have the time to "do it right."

    Good luck, and if you drop out, it's not the end of the world, it's a challenge, not a mandate.

  5. Honestly? Just do your thing. Focus on what you need to. There are literally thousands of posts on the A-Z challenge going up, so just get your business going and know that we're going to be here even if you aren't posting according to the alphabet :)

  6. I haven't been visiting every day the past week because, like you, I've other things that need to get done first. But, when I do have time to visit, I go to a dozen or more at time. So, don't worry about not visiting. You sound like you have great intentions to do it when things slow down for you. I wish you the best whatever you decide.
    Take 25 to Hollister
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  7. Don't give up Misha! We're almost at the end, and I for one am very happy that you discovered my blog so I could discover yours in turn.

    Where are you from? What do you export? There's so many things I'd like to know.

    I hope you stick with it, but slow Internet is the devil, I know. How we ever managed dial-up modems is beyond me.

  8. Very good. If you read 1984 (or watch the movie) you'll how prosperous things get when the government controls everything. Not.

  9. Challenging yourself can be a good thing. But if you realize you're over-committed, stop and re-evaluate. Certainly no one and this group is going to beat you up if you need to trim a little here and there.


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