Thursday, November 20, 2014

Three things I liked about Brandon Sanderson's Pep-talk

It's so funny really. Pretty much ever since the incident of the light, things have been happening. Big things, small things. Nice things... shit things. The strange thing about this, though, is that it's as if there's one theme to all of it.


Yes, after spending most of this year with wheels spinning, things are happening. And whether they're good or (almost bone-crushingly) bad, it feels like all of it is heading somewhere. Almost like all my blessings have been dammed up somewhere, and now they're flowing over.

Yes. Even though there have been some really bad moments. Especially last week. And no. This isn't me putting a bright picture on things. Not after I came to this realization.

This isn't to say that everything that's happened this year has been undone. But that pin-prick of light I'd been glimpsing down the tunnel all this past year does seem to be growing. Which is telling me that set-backs aside, I'm moving forward more than anything else.

Then I read this NaNo Pep-talk today (see, I'm still in the writing related zone), and thought that it might encourage you all as well. Go ahead and read. I'll wait.

Back? Good.

So the things I adore about this pep-talk:

1) To know that Brandon Sanderson used to struggle to sell books. It just makes me feel like publishing really is just a matter of luck and not giving up.
2) Knowing that, no matter how long we've struggled to get ahead, everything can change for the better with zero prior notice. (Which was nice, because I actually experienced a version of this at work today.)
3) Just generally thinking that although I'm still to (re-)publish anything this year, I might be working on the one that garners me a million readers. Nice thought, isn't it?

And that's really the beautiful thing about life. Yes, things can be difficult, but lucky breaks often seem to come from nowhere. We only have to keep going so that we can be there when they happen.

Anyone else catch a lucky break lately?


  1. I'm happy that you feel better about this years events. I hope great things keep coming your way.

  2. I'm starting to accept the second in my Supes series will not only not be published this year as I planned, but it won't get to the editor either. Relocation takes so much time and I've just not had enough to work on the book. Next year? Maybe. :)

    Here's to our mutual success, whenever that might be. (Although, sooner rather than later would be best, Karma).

  3. I'm glad things are feeling more positive for you lately. And Sanderson's pep talk was a good one. I don't know that I've had any lucky breaks lately, but things haven't been unlucky either. I say that's pretty lucky. :)

  4. Writing is all so up and own and back up again. If nothing else, it's a bracing ride! But I think it's more than that--touching hearts and minds.

  5. My lucky break is my working computer.

  6. So pleased that things are looking more positive for you.

    I sold a story this week - that always feels like a lucky break.

  7. I loved that Sanderson post too! It's very easy to know we must persevere and quite another challenge to actually do it sometimes.


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