Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh air, fresh ideas.

Today, I was rearing to get going on my chores so that I could get back to my Doorways edits, but as I was driving home, I got a phone call from a friend.

He invited me and my brother to go lobster fishing with him.

Since I've never been on the open ocean before, but really wanted to, I accepted, even if I was a little sad to miss another day's worth of edits.

My regrets soon faded though, when I was on the road, riding on the back of a pickup. Something about the fresh air, the wind through my hair just got my thoughts churning out some interesting things to know about my Doorways world.

Oh those things, the power-structure was the most valuable. It's not something that I have to go into so much in Doorways, but after that, the more I know, the better.

The only mildly annoying thing about all this is the fact that I had to get sea-sick. At least I managed to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach, but it wasn't a fun experience.

Still, I get the feeling I'll get myself out there again the first opportunity I get. A bit (OK a lot) of queasiness isn't going to scare me away from some awesome inspiration.

Ever find yourself doing something that makes you sick, but that inspires you at the same time?


  1. I dream about things I want to do while I'm at work. Some are inspiring, others are just "I wish I was doing this instead of being at work."

  2. I get seasick too, but I love to get out on a boat. Lobster fishing sounds fun!

  3. That would make a good theme for a story. Glad you were inspired despite being ill. I also get sea sick easily.

  4. I get motion sickness sometimes.

    It never astounds me where inspiration may spring up.

    Sounded like a great day.

  5. Riding in a car, sometimes. I've never been on a boat so I don't know if I get seasick--but if I try to read or something like in a moving vehicle then I start feeling ill. At the same time, it usually gives me time to think over my story.

  6. Can't say I've gotten inspiration while doing something that made me sick, but that is certainly different. :-)

  7. I get sick when I fly in smaller planes, but I think it's worth to something at least once.

  8. I don't get inspiration when I get sick, but it can come from almost anywhere.

  9. happy new year, Mish!
    This post reminds me of the time I climbed 200+ feet up the Salisbury Cathedral tower. I thought it was inspired, considering I'm deathly afraid of heights. :)

  10. Going zip-lining here in Akumal. The wires are very high, and I'm afraid I'll wet myself zipping down. But I am going to do it one day, I swear! I'll just make sure I'm the last one of the day.


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