Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am also doing the Dusty Bookshelf Challenge

Another one of my goals for 2012 is for me to read more. While that looks nice when written in my huge list of goals, I realize that I actually have to do something about it. So... what nicer incentive could there be than a reading challenge where I can win more books through the year?

My dusty bookshelf basically consists of three categories:

Books languishing on my virtual bookshelf (in order as they are on my Kindle app):

Persona by Amy Lunderman
Roughing It by Mark Twain
Lust by Mike Wells
Cassastar by Alex J. Cavanaugh (This one I feel really bad about. Started reading it in August, but my Economics got in the way. Now will be a good time for me to get it off my reading shelf on Goodreads.)
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Le Roux
Hollywood Secrets by Emma Halliday
Hollywood Scandals by Emma Halliday
A Razor Wrapped in Silk by R.N. Morris (Another one that's killing me. It was the first book I ever won since I started blogging. In fact, it's the reason why I got a Kindle App for my computer. And I haven't touched it.)
Don't Get Mad, Get Even by J.L. Campbell
In Her Name: Empire by Michael R. Hicks
Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
The Devil to Pay by Maria Zannini
Tribute by J.R. Pearse Nelson
Vessel by J.R. Pearse Nelson

Books I borrowed from the library by alphabet (part of last years decision to expand my horizons):

Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg
Eve's Daughters by Lynn Austin
The Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick
Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie
Harlequin by Bernard Cornwell 
Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell
(I did read B. Just kept procrastinating on the others)

Books I've been meaning to read but didn't get around too (this one might get more than a few additions yet):

Feast of the Uninvited by P.G. Du Plessis
Jane Austen
George R.R. Martin

Wow. That's one grungy bookshelf. I better start working on it ASAP. Good thing I have Jane Austen January to knock four books from my list...

Which books do you have moaning at you from your TBR pile?


  1. I have shelves and piles of yet-to-be-read books. Problem is, because I'm moving to Mexico, it will be cost prohibitive to ship all of them, so I'm only going to take a few. Oh, the challenge of which ones, which ones?
    I'm going to buy an e-reader soon, so my books won't have to be shipped...just transported.

  2. All I have to read is 2 books to surpass my total for last year.

    Still disappointed in myself.

  3. Impressing dusty list, and a cool challenge. Good Luck with all your goals this year!

  4. A great list of books to read. Unfortunately, I have too many to count. Right now I have around 70 "to-read" on Goodreads, and that's not counting all the books on my bookshelves (I own over 1000 paper-based books and over 200 on my Kindle) to read.

  5. This is a great challenge. Best of luck to you and getting the dust blown off your books! Happy reading!

  6. Great list! I had no idea that Mark Twain wrote a book called Roughing It. I loved Les Miserables. Good thing it's on your kindle - it's long. I read the unabridged paper back and it gave me hand injuries. Good luck with your challenge!

  7. Oh man, so many. My library books are like 4 weeks overdue. I have a whole bunch of them.

  8. I have given up on a TBR pile. All my reading these days (apart from a few minutes here and there) seems to be research for the wips

  9. Good luck meeting your goal for Doorways. I love how you have the countdown in progress. That's sooooooo cool. We'll cheer you on so you meet that goal! I have too many books waiting for me to read. If I was stuck on a deserted island, I could made great headway!

  10. Impressive list here. I like Agatha Christie's Poirot.
    Best wishes for your challenge.

  11. I have a ton of books on my kindle app that I've downloaded and not had a chance to read yet. Every time I get the chance to start a new book, I feel obliged to pick one from the stack on the floor near the computer :-)


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