Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't you love/hate when this happens?


I wonder if I'm the only person out there that this happens too. I get favorite characters when I watch movies. They tend to stick around afterwards. Like Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday:

Or... Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes:

But on Friday I watched a movie (not for the first time) that got me to a new level of squee. (Again, not for the first time.)

I can't explain it. It goes beyond Gerard Butler being VERY sexy in this role.

No... I can hear his voice in my mind... (DUUUUUHHHH DUN Dun dun dun duuuuuhn...)

And he isn't going away.

Now, there are worse things to have on the mind, but I can't just write him down and finish a story. He's just... a tad too well known.

He's too distinctive for me to blend into my writing.

I mean, where will I find a psychopathic (if deeply sexy) man with a deformed face running around an opera house?

How would I be able to transplant him with all of his complexities to another story? He makes me cry every time I watch the movie. Despite all the terrible things he does, my heart still goes out to him.

Especially after I made the mistake of watching this clip:

So I'm stuck. Probably until Darrion kicks his ass out of my head during revisions.

Anyone else suffer from the same character stickiness as me? Who stays with you after you read/saw him/her?

P.S... For the record, I think Christine was an idiot.


  1. Okay, i have not seen this but... drool? yes. drool. I must see it. hehe

  2. Such a cliche, but Colin Firth - every time!

  3. I feel that way about Wolverine. Especially the way he is protrayed in about 15 seconds in X-Men First Class. Totally Bad-Ass. With Capital Letters and all. And oh, do I want to write him! Maybe one day I will...

  4. That's SO funny that you mentioned Doc Holliday--that one definitely stuck with me!! I do have this condition, but it's usually quite temporary, as I am easily distracted.

  5. I don't get this, but great characters in films or television series make me want to cry because my characters aren't a patch on them. *Sigh*

  6. Haha! Talk about synchronicity - I've just done a guest post over at For Books Sake about who my three favourite romantic heroes are.

    A few yummy ones have been added in these comments - why don't you pop over and join the chat?
    Judy, South Africa

  7. I think you can let him have his OWN story... but yeah, damn him for not getting out of the way NOW, when you have a different one going on. That phantom character is definitely a good one.

  8. *dreamy sigh* Oh, the phantom of the opera has been in my head since I saw it on Broadway when I was 17. Christine was a bloody idiot. And, if you want him out of your head, I strongly suggest not reading Susan Kay's PHANTOM or Gaston Leroux's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. In other words, they are worth reading but just add to the obsession...seriously.

    But I know what you mean. Characters get into your head, but they are "been there, done that" type. It's hard to move on to someone else or change them enough to make it new.

  9. I've never seen this. But now. . . but now I should. ;)

  10. I still quote, "I'm your huckleberry." I just can't help it. Characters stick in head all the time.

  11. There is a certain Hannibal King from Blade Trinity that I think of whenever I need a scene to be funny and I'm not in a good mood. One part gorgeous abs, two parts delicious witty humor, can I be blamed?

  12. Maybe it was just me, but I really loved the Phantom movie. I thought they did it up right for the most part, and Minnie Driver as Carlotta was genius. :-)


  13. Good movie! Note to self - don't get distracted by lovely people in the movies. Oh, what the heck, it's a profession which attracts beautiful people. Can't fight it.

  14. Hmm. I've only watched this once and it was years ago. I can barely remember it. Perhaps I should watch it again. . . ?


  15. I loved the Phantom of the Opera movie. I watched it a dozen times when it first came out. Haven't seen it in a while, though. I should brush the dust off my copy and get on that :)

  16. I was actually rooting for the Phantom throughout the movie the first time I saw it, and I cried too! He is still in my head...

  17. Wow, I've never seen this movie, but now I really want to! I have a feeling the Phantom will stick in my head as well.

    Thanks for signing up for the A-Z Visitors Blog Hop! I think it will be fun to visit everyone, I hope so anyway. :)

  18. Butlers characters tend to stay with me- but that could just be his sex appeal. :)

  19. I totally agree on all counts. I thought Christine was going to start moaning every time he sang to her.
    I'm your Huckleberry.

    I recently wrote about Wesley from Princess Bride.
    Another character that sticks, and I know this is odd) is Kevin Kline's character in a Fish Called Wanda.

  20. I'm bias where the Phantom is concerned. I've been in LOVE with the character/story since seeing the Lon Chaney version.

    Cherie's right when she said, "Susan Kay's PHANTOM or Gaston Leroux's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. In other words, they are worth reading but just add to the obsession...seriously."

    I think I've seen every version of Phantom, read the book, listen to the music...happy sigh.

  21. Um. Can you believe I have not seen this movie? Of course I've seen the opera and another movie version or two, but not this one. :P

    I know I have "sticky" characters, but I'm having trouble remembering at this moment! Ahh!

  22. I especially enjoyed Val's Doc Holliday--that was a great interpretation. Also, Johnny Depp's portrayal of Ed Wood, Jr. makes me smile every time I think of it--I think that's Johnny's greatest role to date.

    Tossing It Out

  23. I saw the Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian in Las Vegas. They built a special theater for it there and I must say, it was a spectacular production.

  24. erm, cough, I've never actually watched the Phantom of the Opera in any of its forms. I should really fix that...

  25. Haha Trisha, drool does not cover it. ^_^

    Karen, not cliche. He's a classic. ;-)

    Theresa that would make for some interesting reading.

    Hehehe Sarah, I tend to fixate for a little longer. Especially if things happen that reminds me of the character.

    Hahaha Christine, it can make me a little sad too.

    Judy I liked that post you did. ^_^ I tend to squee about the best-friends and badasses, though. Generally not the heroes, for some reason. Unless the hero is badass.

    Hart, maybe I could, but his own story has been done as well. As well as the sequels. Sigh.

    Cherie, as it happens, I did download Phantom of the Opera by Leroux. Perhaps I will rest it until after I finished Les Miserables.

    Madeline, I love it. (As if I didn't make that obvious before. ^_^)

    Jessica I love that line! It's one of my all time favorites.

    Aaaaah... Sorry Steph... You made me google him again. ^_^

    E.J. I agree 100% Minnie was perfect in the role. But Gerard Butler was sheer genius.

    Hahaha Tony that's so true.

    Hahaha TayLyee, I'd never suggest otherwise.

    Kristina I also watched it multiple times. Gets me every time.

    Myne I also always root for him. Raoul is such a fool in comparison. A spoilt but big child.

    Julie, if you like musicals, Phantom will be more than worth your time. :-)

    Summer, there is definitely that aspect to my squeeage.

    Erin, now that you mention it, Kevin Kline's character in The Usual Suspects stuck with me as well. But I'm not saying why.

    Raelyn I actually did download the book (Gaston Leroux's) from Project Gutenberg and will be going to see the stage version in November. The South African production's Phantom is said (by Andrew Lloyd Webber) to be the best one ever. So I would love to see if he lives up to the hype.

    Lol Ali WATCH IT!!!! It's wonderful... ^_^

    Ah yes, Johnny Depp's characters tend to stick with me too. Thanks for dropping by, Lee.

    Michael I am so jealous!

    Lynda... Yes you should. ;-)

  26. Omg this TOTALLY happens to me all the time. Sherlock was one for me, too. Also with TV characters, like Ben Linus from Lost and Dr. House. Also going beyond Hugh Laurie's incredible sexiness. Anyway, great post :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  27. Hehehe Sarah, I love House too. :-D


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