Monday, May 16, 2011

What happened to me this week-end...

Firstly, sorry that I didn't post on Friday, as I was supposed to. Went to visit friends earlier than scheduled over the whole weekend.

And... it worked out great for me. Why? Because I got to visit friends I don't see all that often. I got out of the house a bit...

And... sorted out the story idea that I'll be working on for the foreseeable future.

It's actually an idea that floated around for about two years, with me not sure about how I'd apply it. I know the sort. Those "wouldn't it be cool if..." ideas. The scenario is attractive, but the story, characters, premise and end are lacking.

I decided to try my hand at this story in the beginning of the month, but couldn't even finish the first chapter. I just didn't have enough to go on.

So... I spent most of Friday afternoon playing a computer game and visiting with my friends. Nothing seemed to pop up until I was about to close my eyes in slumber. The idea again took the form of... "Wouldn't it be cool if...", but as I was about to put the useless thought away and sleep, I realized that my this idea fit beautifully into the story I mentioned above.

The rest still lacked, leaving me with a pretty much sleepless night. When I woke up the next morning, I talked  to my friend about the idea and we started to bounce ideas around while making breakfast. It took until 5 minutes into the meal for me to get a flash of inspiration.

I now have a pretty good idea where I'm going, and wow, am I excited about it! I haven't worked on a new idea for so long that this one is giving me that old buzz.

Can't wait to get to work!

How was your weekend? When was the last time inspiration hit you? How did it hit?


  1. I know what you mean. Inspiration hit me recently (for my 2nd novel), and I wrote out an entire synopsis, thrilled about the concept. But until I figured out exactly who my characters were, I couldn't get very far. And I agree - this part of the process is exciting!

  2. Blogger was down for most of Friday, anyway. As for the rest of the weekend, I worked.

  3. There's a reason they're called Shiny New Ideas. They sparkle and totally make a writers day. :)

  4. I think taking time off, visiting with friends, and playing a computer game was the PERFECT choice. Bravo! :)

  5. Yay for inspiration! It's been a long time since I've had a new idea for a story (a year and a half), but I need to finish one of the several books I've already written before I start working on something new :)

    Enjoy starting something shiny and new!

  6. Hear hear! I want a signed copy, remember! An 65% of the income from that book! It's mine, all mine! Mwuhahaha!

    OK, just kidding (not really). I'm really glad you got some inspiration, Misha. And I'm really glad I could be part of the process.

  7. That is such a totally similar process to my couple books that have flown out easily. Sometimes I just have to keep writing and force a story, but those 'long time ideas' merged with a 'wouldn't it be cool if' epiphanies are AMAZING. Enjoy the ride!

  8. Blogger went completely kaput on Friday. I wasn't even able to post and gave up! Bleh.

  9. My weekend was great & I have 2 posts to show for it. Can't remember the last time I was really inspired.

  10. Man, I love when that happens! Starting something new is so much fun. Congrats on getting it ironed out.

    When was I last inspired? This morning. I'm working on a story right now that's kicking my a** and I'm loving it! So much fun.

  11. Saw your twitter about having trouble with your blog. Didn't have any trouble getting over here. Have a new idea simmering. It's always very exciting. Like Mo says, "Like meeting a new lover"

  12. My weekend was spent not working, lazying in bed resting and getting back into reading a book I had a hard time with (strange translation). Sadly all that resting, no awesome WRITE ME idea came calling.

  13. it takes forever for the comments section to load for me still. But it didn't crash it this time. Love new ideas. It's finding time to put them all together.

  14. Kimberly, that's great! I hope you sort out the characterization without too much trouble.

    Shelly, it's strange how often blogger has stopped working lately. Wonder what's up with them...

    Angela that's so true. My idea is very shiny. ^_^

    Hehehe Jeffrey. You're right. It was perfect.

    Rebecca, that happened with me too. I spent three years focusing on Doorways. Thought at one stage that I would never get a new idea again.

    Lol Theresa, I think you'll get a thank you note on the intro. ;-P

    Hart, I wish I could work out how to force ideas. Mine are stubborn and come as they wish.

    DUO it's so annoying. Really want to work out what the hell is wrong with them.

    Odie that's great to hear! The good weekend bit, not the lack of inspiration.

    E.C. it's an awesome feeling when a story starts kicking ass. Good luck with getting it done!

    Thanks for checking, Danette. Meeting a good lover is a good way to describe the feeling of a new idea.

    Steph, too bad that no ideas pitched up to your weekend, but you know, just resting is great too.

    Joe, I have contacted blogger about this. Apparently mine is not the only blog that's acting up. Just hoping they solve the problems soon.


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