Monday, April 30, 2018

I've been self-censoring a lot lately. And really, I hate it. I always told myself that the day I could no longer be honest with myself and others on my blog would be the day I stopped blogging.

And really, whether it was a willing decision or not, that's what's been happening.

I'm sitting with multiple ideas for blog post topics, but the truth I'm having to stare in the face is taking up so much real estate in my mind that the instinct I try to write about something other than the truth, I get blocked.

But the instant I face the truth, I realize it's hardly publishable online.

I just deleted half my blog post again.

And... again.

Yeah. Stuff it. I'm packing it in for today.


  1. You're fighting one heck of a mental battle.

  2. Hi Misha - take care and do what you can when you can ... without becoming too anxious - all the best - Hilary

  3. Be well! I have a vague idea of what you mean

  4. Sometimes you don't have to say anything to say a lot. Thought & Prayers HUGS

  5. I think it depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you're truly not comfortable posting it online, don't post it. I've remained anonymous on my blog so that it's easier for me to post what I want, but on the other hand, I do find myself censoring my posts, just in case someone I know in "real life" recognizes me.

  6. I totally understand. Sometimes I pen a post, then rewrite it completely changing the original. Occasionally I rewrite the same post 4 times, taking on a different emphasis with each draft. We do need to be careful about what we put out there. There's no taking it back.


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