Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Currently on Unicorn Bell...

Hey all!

Just want to let you know I'm still at Unicorn Bell, sharing my non-traditional tips to surviving Camp NaNo.

Today's tip: Psychological Tricks, AKA Mini-Goals

How are you doing with your goals?


  1. Not so good, I'm gonna look at those mini-goals.

  2. I'm awesome at mini-goals that lead to larger goals because the entire picture scares me. Know what I mean?

  3. I'm going to have to go over and read that tip! I definitely need to start tricking myself into accomplishing some serious stuff.

  4. I do love mini-goals. I have daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals (and some beyond that). That said, it's a good thing goals are flexible. ;)

  5. I'm with the others for their affection fro mini-goals. They make reaching the top so much easier.


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