Monday, October 7, 2013

Opening for Paying Forward Sponsors

Bet you thought I'd bore you with The Vanished Knight updates. Nope. Despite the fact that I'm now published, I'm still me. And I really really hate people pushing their books down my throat the whole time. So, being the fair-minded sort, I thought I'd not do it to my beloved blogging friends.

Instead, I just want to ask, that if you haven't yet, you please find it in your heart to go to this post and let me visit your blog sometime between now and the end of January. Thanks to everyone who has offered to help already!

Also, I want to let you know that I'm talking about The Vanished Knight's cover on the lovely Ashley Nixon's blog today. If you've been wondering what it's about, and why my pseudonym is what it is, heading over is a great idea! ALSO! It's the first blog that'll show my new, shiny new blurb. Oooh!

But don't go yet! I have something else important to ask. I'm bringing the Paying Forward Awards back. Last month was a bit of a mad rush with visitors and then editing and publishing, but at least now, I feel I should do the Paying Forward awards again.

For those of you who don't know what the PFA's are: I regularly ask people to sponsor prizes. These prizes can be anything you think would be appreciated by other bloggers in our community. Once I have the prizes, I open up nominations for people who deserve or need to have their days made. And then, if there are more nominees than prizes, we vote for the winners.

But as you can see, I can't do it alone (although I always offer a prize). I need your help. Any prizes from crits to books to banners to survival kits to amazon vouchers are welcome. So please. If it's at all within your ability to offer something, do. We really can make some people's day a little brighter this way.

How to do it? Easy. You can either let me know in the comments, but please please please add your e-mail address. I need to be able to reach you. Alternatively, you can mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com with "Paying Forward" as the subject.

Thanks in advance to all you awesome people!


  1. Not up at Ashley's site yet - will check back.

  2. A great idea, will get back to you later on as I am away from home at present. Congrats on being published, bet it will be a huge success.

  3. I'll go check it out! I'm not sure what it means to visit my blog, but you're welcome it a guest blogging thing? You might want to wait until I get some of my readership back, though! I'm working on it...

  4. I can offer you more, but not until November. Hope you're off to a roaring success. I don't really mind hearing about people's books. I think it's exciting. I'm weird, I know.

  5. So thrilled for you and your book debut! A BIG congratulations. You are certainly on your way to making your dreams happen.

  6. Congrats again on the book! I'm pretty busy right now with class but after this semester I'd love to contribute something. If anything changes and I can do something earlier I'll let you know.

  7. Hey,

    I've got one goodie bag left from my trip to Amsterdam.... (I bought two of everything when I got Cassie's stuff :)

    Count me in then with a family friendly USPS small priority box of Dutch trinkets :)

  8. Loved the reveal and info on Asley's site. And please, bore us with details about TVK! Because, GO YOU!

  9. Count me in! I'll donate a digital copy of The 13th Floor Complete Collection.


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