Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Your Chocolate Blogfest

Hi all, before I start today's post, I just want to make a *tiny* announcement... DOORWAYS IS FINISHED!!! Although this fact makes me a little sad, I'm also quite relieved. Been working on it for almost six years. Sadly I'm on a diet at the moment, so no chocolatey celebrations, but as luck would have it, I'd entered a blogfest a few weeks ago and it allows me to fantasize about it a little.

So my chocolate... I'm a chocoholic, so anything goes. Although Lindt's dark chocolate is divine. Any flavor works for me. But when I have 85% chocolate, it goes to one thing. This:

The picture below isn't of a fondant I've made, but my recipe comes very close. With luck. It's a french recipe, after all.


(From a previous post of mine.)

Unfortunately it will be in metric, since I'm too lazy for conversions.
(From Mariete van der Vyfer's new recipe book, but I changed the method slightly so that I could enjoy the process...)

Melted chocolate tart (Or, by my name: Delightfully easy fondants.)
200 grams 80% or above dark chocolate
125 grams butter (Yes. BUTTER)
6 separated eggs
1/4 cup of sugar

Step 1: Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius (that's 392 degrees Fahrenheit. see? I can be nice)
Step 2: Spread something like butter or margarine or non-stick spray over the inside of a small but deep cake-pan, or 6 to 10 oven-proof dessert moulds depending on the size. I prefer the latter, but please don't use muffin moulds unless they're deep.
Step 3: Mix the yolks and sugar
Step 4: Melt the chocolate and butter together in a fire-proof glass bowl over boiling water. This is the fun part since you get to watch the butter and chocolate turn into a smooth, creamy liquid. Siiigh.
Step 5: beat the egg whites until stiff (Sorry if this sounds weird, but the recipe is in another language.)
Step 6: Mix results from steps 3 and 4
Step 7: Carefully fold the egg whites into the above mixture. Make sure that everything is well blended.
Step 8: Pour the mixture into the prepared dish(es) and put into the oven. Be careful not to fill the dish to the brim, since the mixture does expand in the heat.

Now this is where you need to take a bit of a gamble, since the time left in can be a bit of a gamble, but here's a rough guide for you to guesstimate:

Cake pan: 20 minutes (cover with foil after the first ten minutes to prevent drying out.)
6 moulds: 12 minutes
10 moulds (what I got, since my moulds were a bit small.): 6-8 minutes

Basically, the smaller the volume, the less time in the oven.

Step 9: They will be soft and sticky when you take them out, but the outside hardens as the fondant cools. When they are cool enough to touch and stable at the bottom, turn the moulds over. The fondants should drop out without much trouble. I strongly suggest you serve them/it with vanilla ice cream.

Step 10: Break through the soft crust and relish the soft, gooey centre bursting forth. 

So what's your favorite chocolate/chocolate dish?


  1. Congratulations on finishing Doorways!
    My extent of chocolate-making is chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Mmm. Lava cake...

    Congrats on finishing Doorways! Yay! I think the hardest part of a writer's journey is the first COMPLETED book. Or at least, that's been the hardest part for me thus far. Hope you did something fabulous to celebrate.

  3. Congratulations Misha! And you're making my mouth water with that picture and recipe. I have this sweet cake-in-a-mug recipe that's quick and easy and loaded with chocolate.

  4. It sounds to die for.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Congratulations on completing your novel, Misha!
    You obviously have a very sweet-tooth! That treat looks quite decadent...

  6. YAY!! Congrats on finishing. So proud of you. I know how hard you've worked!

    Why must you tease me with this chocolate??? Want.

  7. All this chocolate talk today. I really want Nutella now.

  8. Well Misha, thanks for sharing that recipe! I absolutely love white chocolate and when I was younger I was particularly fond of "milkybar"

  9. Congratulations on finishing, Misha!!!

    And diet or not, I think you deserve some chocolate to celebrate!

  10. Hi, Misha! CONGRATS on finishing DOORWAYS!

    That chocolate dessert looks yummy. I like all things chocolate, but narrowing it down to one choice, I'd pick chocolate cheesecake.

  11. Congratulations on reaching the finish line!!

    Recipe looks divine. Going to have to try it out.

  12. Next time you make that I'm coming over. :D Wow, that looks so fantastic.

    And WOOOT on Doorways being finished.

  13. Congrats on finishing Doorways! Love anything chocolate! The recipe sound good!

  14. I’ve had to cut down on chocolate because of kidney stones – tragic!

  15. YAY! Congratulations!!! I'm throwing confetti.

    BTW, the chocolate lava cake looks wonderful.

  16. I really need to try that recipe once, it sounds (and looks) soo amazingly delicious!

  17. Congrats on finishing Doorways! And you have super self-control in order to post about chocolate yet not indulge. As for me, I just chomped down ten choco-covered almonds.
    Catherine Stine’s Idea City

  18. Congratulations on finishing!!! Woot.
    Um, my mouth is now watering.

  19. I want to try that recipe. I wonder where I can get metric eggs? ;-)

  20. Mmm...the chocolate looks good.

    Congrats on finishing Doorways!!

  21. One of my faves is a big chocolate chip cookie, warmed up, with a scoop of ice cream! YUM!!! :)

  22. Congratulations on finishing Doorways! :) Hooray!

    Thanks for the recipe.

  23. I think I could gain weight just reading that receipe.

  24. Oh my gosh! As wonderful as that recipe sounds, I don't dare ever make it! I'll take your word for it that it is sinfully fabulous!

  25. At the risk of you thinking badly of me, I have to confess I'm not a huge chocolate eater. A bite or two holds me for quite a while. BUT, oh my God. I HAVE to try this recipe. It looks irresistible. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I heard this word fondant for the first time a few days ago watching season 6 of Hell's Kitchen. I couldn't tell what it was from the show but this one looks so good.

  27. I don't know how I missed signing up for this perfect-for-me blogfest. I hope it comes back around again.

    Your recipe sounds yummy. Mmmmmm.

  28. Oooo, this recipe sounds divine! I'll have to try it, someday.

    BTW, congrats on Doorways! :)

  29. -pulls a party out of Hermione's bag for you- Yay for finished revisions! Now if only I could get there. You should teach me, oh wise one.

    I really don't like chocolate that much, though out of the three chocolates, dark is my favorite. :)

  30. It looks pretty sweet with it's ooey gooey-ness and I could see how that cake would be appetizing for a chocolate lover... Good luck with the diet!

  31. That looks so delicious! Thanks for joining the blogfest. :)


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