Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Visiting Cherie

Hey all!

Today, I'm visiting Cherie, explaining how I went about creating the immortals in Endless. 

See you there!



Cherie Reich said...

Happy to have you on my blog today, Misha!

Ann Best said...

Hi, Misha. Thanks for stopping by this morning and leaving a comment on my suicide essay. Yes, it is difficult to understand how some people can't find other alternatives. But some do fall so deeply into a dark hole that they see no way out.

SO glad you are so busy with your wonderful project. And with your writing. I'm now heading over to Cherie's to read more about Endless. I'm cheering you on!

Mark Noce said...

Cool, heading over:)

Haddock said...

OK over to Cherie Reich.