Monday, November 20, 2017

Infinite Hiatus

Hi all,

I don't really have it in me to repost the whole thing here, but I very likely won't be online anymore past Friday. If you want to know why, you can read my post here.

Love you all.



  1. I read about it, and Misha, I'm sending prayers your way.

  2. I'm so sorry. Please don't stop job hunting. I finally have a job lined up. I've been looking for eight years. Giving up your pets is the worst part, I know.


  3. Darn it, Misha, that is such heartbreaking news. Please promise that when (not if, but when) things turn around you'll reconnect. Meanwhile wishing you all the best in this uncertain future.

  4. Praying for a way forward for you and your family.

  5. Don't lose hope. There is a solution somewhere. Keep looking!

  6. So sorry about your problems. I really hope things turn out as badly as you fear, but whatever hapens please don't feel that suffering misfortune not of your making means you're letting anyone down.

  7. Hugs and prayers. Don't give up on your dreams. Take the time you need to get life in order, but then hurry back.

    1. I couldn't log in over there to comment. You are dealing with some really scary stuff. I will most certainly pray. Hopefully there is a job out there for you. Maybe not the dream job, but enough to get you through. The upside to writing is that no matter what you come to experience from different jobs or situations, it is all information you will put in a story later. A friend once told me that all great writers must suffer's the suffering that gives their stories depth and relatability. That's not much, but it's the only positive spin I can think of right now.

  8. Oh Misha. I'm so sorry. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Don't give up.

  9. Hi Misha - it's a devastating time for you and the family ... just take care - and someone once said to me 'they can't kill you' ... so you still have you and things will turn around - just look after yourselves as best you all can ... it will come right ... with love and hugs - Hilary

  10. Misha, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Keep holding your head up.

    You've taught me a lot in the four years and some I've known you, and your blog hop was the reason I finished my first novel. Seeing how hard you work day in and out continues to drive me toward my dreams. If there's any way I can help, drop me a line. *hugs*

  11. Misha, I am so sorry to hear of all the difficulties you are dealing with... I don't even have the words, not that they would help you. I will definitely add you into my prayers, that somehow things will come through for you and your family.

    Each day I am more and more grateful that I have the career that I have and I feel blessed as I am well aware of many people who are dealing with the sorts of challenges like this... I hope we do hear from you in the near future xox


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