Friday, March 13, 2015

I survived February and deserve a gold star

Guys. I can’t even begin to say thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments to my last post and those who kept me and my family in their thoughts and prayers. Truly, you are all awesome. Amazing. Wonderful.

And won't you believe it, I wanted to post this days ago, back when I would have been on time for my own bloghop, but my Internet (bad as it was) died and then we moved into a house that pretty much fell into our laps. (Never underestimate the value of warm water and proper electricity.)

Today, they installed our new, much improved Internet. And here I am. Very late for my own bloghop, but I'm posting anyway.

For those of you who don’t know, Beth Fred and I host a monthly bloghop. Basically, we and the other entrants have shared our crazy or just crazy important goals. We update on our progress and encourage each other on the last Friday of every month. If you’d like to join or to check out how everyone else is doing, click here.

Obviously, this sudden finding of and moving to a new house has made a dent in my plans, so I didn’t do as much as I’d wanted to. (Worth it, though.)

Here’s a rundown of my February goals and how I did with each:


1) Sort out covers for Wo6C1, Wo6C2 and BvB1.

Still a no, but at least I should be able to do *something* now that I have contact with the outside world. 

2) Finish copy-edits for BvB1

Done in theory, but I’m not really happy with BvB1 yet, so I’ll have to do another pass.

3) Rewrite Wo6C3 and the Untethered Realms Anthology Short.

Good news: I finished the short story. The bad news: while prepping the Wo6C3 rewrite the day after posting my goals, I discovered that for the second time, my edits had made the rough draft redundant. So now I’m drafting for the third time. Just can’t rewrite this story without it. Sigh.

4) Start with revisions to ES1

Didn’t get a chance to open the manuscript.

5) Write 50k words total, rewrites included. This means about 15k toward my rough drafts.

I wrote about 26k words total, of which about 15k words were toward rough drafts.

Visually, this is what February’s writing looked like:


1) Start reading Mansfield Park.

Finished it.

2) Start reading King Lear.

Didn’t get to it yet.

3) Read four other books.

I read five in total.

Social Media

Still delayed pending a proper Internet connection.

Should be able to get something done now. 


To continue with preparations etc. for the house building thing.

House building is shelved for the time being.

All things considered, I didn’t do too badly. It’s been rough, but I’m hoping that - now that things are going better – I’ll actually get even more done. March might be a bit tough on my goal achieving ways, so I’ll be happy if I get at least a few of these done:

Goals for March:


1) Sort out covers for Wo6C1, Wo6C2 and BvB1

2) Proofread Wo6C1 and Wo6C2.

3) Edit my Untethered Realms Anthology Short Story

4) Start Revising ES1

5) Rough draft 35k words.

6) Rewrite 15k words.

This is what I hope March will look like, writing-wise.


1) Start King Lear

2) Start a French book

3) Read four other books.

Social Media

1) Get back into a regular blog posting schedule.

2) Visit everyone who’ve been stopping by since the beginning of the year.

3) Prepare for the A to Z Challenge.


1) Finish applying for a government grant for my one business.

2) Finish crocheting a blanket for my room.

3) Do something else crafty. Painting, perhaps.

That’s it for me. Do you have any goals? How are you doing? What do you think of my red-walled room?


  1. So pleased you now have somewhere suitable to live.

    I'm amazed you've got anything done writing-wise with everything else that's been going on, so yes you do deserve your gold star. A really big and very, very, shiny one.

  2. Awesome you have a home and Internet now! I'm also amazed you've worked on so much, but maybe lacking the distraction of the Internet helped. Glad you're back!

  3. You deserve at least two gold stars! Good luck with your March goals!

  4. Glad that you have a home and Internet. How can we live without the net?! Awesome that you have done so much. Good luck with the March goals.

  5. You conquered February, I'd say. Go you! Best of luck with this month's goals!

  6. You know that "always darkest before the dawn" saying, right? I think you're due for dawn any day now!

  7. You may not have done everything, but you've achieved a lot in February... so well done:)

  8. Yay for new internet connection! Good luck with your goals. My March goals included surviving two tours and my son's spring break. :)

  9. You do deserve a gold star! You have a lot going on, and I'm impressed to see that you're doing well despite being so busy. Good luck with the house -- I like the wall!

  10. Hi Misha,

    Huge apologies from me because I've really been out of the loop. A home to settle into and internet that actually works. We have some similarities happening here, my kind friend.

    I shall duly award you a bonus gold star and huge cheer.

    Gary :)

  11. I like the red wall; it looks pretty! I wish I could paint the walls of my apartment, but my landlord won't let the tenants do that.
    Mansfield Park is a good book; you should also watch the movie if you have time. I like the BBC version with Billie Piper, which was made a few years ago; I actually watched it for free on Youtube. You can just do a search for Mansfield Park 2007 and they should still have it up there.

  12. Great to hear from you after so long out of contact, Misha, and with better news at last. Hope 2015 has turned the corner for you.

  13. Hey Misha!
    I love that red wall! It's vibrant and makes a statement. Suits you perfectly!
    Congrats on all that you DID manage to accomplish, despite the setbacks...
    See you around on the A to Z circuit!

  14. Yay! You have water, electricity and reliable internet! I've been following your crazy adventures and am very happy for you that things seem to be looking up. I'll be sending lots of good prayers and vibes your way so that they continue an upward path. :)

    *raises glass* Here's to writing!

  15. Those are awesome goals and congrats on water, electricity, internet, and a roof over your head!!! Prayers, hugs, and best wishes heading your way for all your endeavors.
    My goals . . . well, I made a crazy deadline and involved kindle pre-ordering into it, and finally found a way that I could meet it just yesterday. It involved a minor loophole, which is bad, but good . . . well, it worked.

  16. Glad you've got somewhere to live! As others have said, I'm impressed you managed to reach any of your goals while everything's been so chaotic. Good luck with the next set of goals.

  17. We can't live without water, glad you finally have some!! Sounds like everything is slowly falling into place. Hope April proves to be even better!

  18. I'm so happy you found a nice house. I totally know what it's like to camp out for long periods of time and it has its good points, but it gets old. Yay for you being online more again. I've missed you. Keep rockin' the writing!

  19. Thanks, Patsy!

    Glad to be back, Alex. ;-)

    Thanks, Cherie!

    Rachna, I have no idea how we humans ever functioned without internet.

    Thanks, Emily!

    Lee, I kept reminding myself of that fact.

    Thanks, Tania. I always feel that as long as I get SOMETHING done, my time wasn't wasted.

    Well, Christine, seems you survived. ;-)

    I love my wall, Shelley. Thanks for checking out the pics. :-D

    Gary, I hope you're settling down okay.

    Thanks for checking the wall out, Workaholic. The funny thing is, I thought Mansfield park had a seriously lame ending. "Oh yeah, all these awesome, character developing things happened since Crawford made his douche move, but I'm not going to write about it. The end."

    I seriously hope so too, Ian.

    Thanks Michelle (and for checking out my wall.)

    Thanks, Katie!

    Tyrean, I'm glad to hear your goals are working out.

    Thanks, Annalisa.

    Thanks, Cathrina. :-)

    Shell, it does get real old. (And stays that way. I doubt I'll be camping again in a while.)


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