Monday, December 1, 2014

One more hiatus for the year...

Yeah... This one isn't one I have a choice about, though.

Remember when I said I'd move house in November? Well... that move is coming up tomorrow. And I'll be stuck without a reliable internet source for a while.

I say a while, because it's unclear as to how long it will take for me to get internet again.

No matter. This girl is planning on getting a TON of writing done this month.

Being me (and knowing that I'll have more time on my hands than I've had in almost six months), I've set myself the slightly insane goal for December of rewriting two novels (y'know, to get them on the computer) and rough drafting over 60k words. (Daily goal: 2k per day.)

The idea behind the 60k goal?

Well... I estimate that's what it's going to take to finish the five rough drafts I have left before year end. And then in January, I'll have a glorious time editing.

Also, if I can only finish two or three projects now, it can have a huge impact on what my next writing year will be like.

So wish me luck!

I hope to see you all again before Christmas.



  1. Sorry you'll be without Internet, but you might get a lot done without it.
    Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your move, Misha. Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise? You have a lot of goals for the month. Here's to getting it done!

  3. Here's to breaks! They're necessary for a lot of reasons. See you later.

  4. Good luck!! Being without internet is a pain, but I hope you get tons of writing done!

  5. Good luck - but that's one heck of a challenge even if you weren't moving at the same time so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't complete it.

  6. Good-luck! You can make it happen. Best of luck with the move and if we don't see you before Christmas, have a great Christmas and fantastic New Year!

  7. I got a lot done when I recently relocated from Dubai and had no internet for two three week-ish. But I had a to of emails and SN crap to deal with when I got back online. And I missed a few lucrative ghostwriting projects too. Doh! I would say WOW to your goals, but I'm sue that's all I ever say on here. I'm always stunned and in awe. Best of luck!

  8. Best of luck with the 60 k goal and this move.

  9. Go, go, writing! Best of luck with your goal, and I hope the move went/is going well. :)

  10. Hiya Misha. I'm setting myself the same goal of 2k/day. Sadly I haven't been hitting that goal so far, BUT anything is better than nothing. :)

    Ugh. I actually hate moving. I fear the day where my parents decide to jump ship from our current place. There's so much stuff to pack. We're not quite as bad as hoarders, but there's just a lot of everything it seems.

    If you need a nudge though, or a writing buddy I'm here for virtual spirit. Lol.

    Oh and GOOD LUCK!! You got that 60K in the bag. :D

  11. Best wishes on writing and moving! Wow!
    Merry Christmas early!

  12. Enjoy being unplugged. Bet you'll get a ton of writing done.

  13. Best wishes with the move. Hope you aren't without internet too long. Best wishes with your writing goals. Merry Christmas!

  14. Good luck with your move!! I hope you're settling in now.


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