Monday, November 4, 2013

Where I Am and Updates

Hey all! Today, I'm visiting Suzanne with an interview, and Shah with a short post on Guy Fawkes night.

As for my progress, I think I'm doing good. Finished rereading The Vanished Knight this morning and wrote 1896 words so far today. Which means I'm about 300 words away from being a day ahead.

It'll be awesome if I can get those words and maybe another half a day's worth written tonight, since I want to spend tomorrow rereading and starting to revise The Heir's Choice. Of course, I'm pretty sure I'll be adding on a lot of words, but it might be good to have a bit of breathing space in case I struggle to write in the new scenes.

I'm seriously excited about getting The Heir's Choice done. I think it can only do the sales of The Vanished Knight good to have a sequel out there. And honestly, I do think people will enjoy TVK more if they can go right into the sequel.

It's not that I was mean to my readers or anything. Although one of my friends said she hates me because reading the book kept her up the night before her exam, and now she's wondering what's going to happen next.

Which is probably one of the best reviews I got so far. :-P

Anyway, I just want to say thanks to everyone who've bought my book so far. I don't know who bought or how many bought copies, but I do know that for the whole month since it was published, TVK never went below 600000th of all the purchased books on Amazon. It peaked at around 77000th, which I think is pretty dang awesome for a debut work by an unknown author. Hopefully the sales will keep coming.


  1. Glad sales are booming!
    Yes, the more books you have out there, the more they will sell. Funny how that works.

  2. With so many books out there, so many people I'd say those were pretty darn good ratings! Congratulations.

  3. Your goal setting, and accomplishing, has inspired me. I think I'll set a few myself, but first off to visit with Suzanne and Shah.

  4. Yay! So happy to hear sales are going well for you. :)

  5. Congrats on the awesome sales - and here's betting there will be many more :)

    PS: Thanks for helping with the 50 States of Pray event, and I would love to get (at least) one person from 50 sovereign states (countries), too, so if you want South Africa, let me know :)

  6. Yay, Misha! Definitely get ahead on your word count. You never know when one little detail will bog you down for a whole week. --And I love those reviews where people are clamoring for the sequel. Nothing better. Yay to publishing!

  7. If your book keeps people up all night, that is a good thing.

  8. Like Crystal, I love those reviews where your readers hate you because you kept them up all night, and ended the story before they were ready for it to end.

    You're definitely doing things right.

  9. Good job, Misha! Yay for keeping people up. It is a great book. I will get a review up for you in the near future. :)

  10. Yeah Misha! How exciting-I have you on my reading list! Now, I know I am going to be up all night, once I begin ;D

    What a great review!

  11. Fantastic news! Congratulations on the sales and one getting the sequel edited! Huzzah! Keeping someone up late because you book is too awesome to put down is a great compliment! You have every right to be proud :)


  12. The sales will continue with positive momentum. I have to go because it's difficult to type while holding a trembling dog. Those idiots setting off fireworks outside on Guy Fawkes night.

    Keep going y'all :)


  13. I'm wishing you many sales and much success!


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