Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey all!

I'm sleepy and don't have the concentration span of a goldfish. So I - OMG sandwich!!!

Aaaaanyway, I'm going to play hookie today.

Will be around more tomorrow!



  1. I hope you get plenty of rest. I was conked out yesterday and know the feeling.

  2. Hello? Who are you? Well, speaking of goldfish, tanks for letting me know.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  3. Hope you were able to get lots of rest. : )

  4. LOL! You do make me laugh, Misha! Sorry I have been AWOL since Baby Martin's appearance, and our emigration plans cropped up. I'll be sure to keep an eye on your Five Year Project though--wow, good luck with that!

    Oh, and I have a 5 year plan of my own. More once we resettle in new home...;)

  5. Heehee. Wait, cheese and bananas! (I want to play too!)


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