Thursday, May 30, 2013

News Day

Hi all! Welcome to another News Day. Sorry it's so late. I needed time to find some links, and then yesterday was so busy, I didn't get time to write a word.

Still, rather than worrying, I'm putting up what I have. If you would like for me to add something to the list, just let me know in the comments (with the link) or mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com (in particular if you want me to put the link up next week).

Calls for help

David Farland's son, Ben Wolverton was in a terrible accident. Treatments are running at over $1,000,000 already and the family has no medical aid. A group of writers are holding a donation bomb on 7 June, so please help out if it's at all in your ability to do it. Go here for the full story and updates.

Pitch Competition

NA Alley is hosting the Editor in the Alley Pitch Contest, so if you have a NA book begging to be sold, go check it out.

Blogfests and Bloghops

DL Hammons is hosting the WIP IT GOOD Blogfest on 31 May. It's an excellent opportunity if you're looking for CPs.

Lisa Regan is hosting the Aberration Blogfest to celebrate the release of her new book. It's going down on June 6 and all you have to do is blog about five characters you love to hate the most.

Tara Tyler and Heather M. Gardner are hosting The Thrill of it All Blogfest on June 24. All you have to do is share your biggest thrill. Prizes to be won.

Sadly, that's all I have for today. I'll definitely try to be a bit better about finding some links for the coming week.

So... any links catch your eye?


  1. Thanks for sharing and I'm off to check out a couple of your links. (And I enjoyed your previous post. Great tips.)

  2. There's lots of fun things happening in the blogosphere! Thanks for the links.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. Thanks for sharing all these links, Misha. I'm off to check them now...


  4. There's so much going on! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  5. On my iPhone. I have a link but I need my computer.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. I'd say that's a pretty good round-up.

  7. I'm taking part in the latter two blogfest in June. Thanks for all the updates.

  8. Wish I was writing NA. Thanks for the links.

  9. Hi, Misha. That's a lot of information. Thanks for taking the time to share the links.


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