Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to April 2012!

In a few hours, the A to Z Challenge will start. Whooo hooo!!!

Welcome to all my new blogging buddies. To the old ones, welcome back.

Last year, I cruised through the challenge, hitting over a thousand blogs and finishing every single post on time.

This year, I went bonkers and entered a second blog as well. WHILE I have a countdown timer to the completion of my edits.

Yeah... every ticking second pokes at my heart.

But I digress.

Since I am so incredibly creative, I'm doing the A-Z of edits and revisions this year. Yep... I'm going to list every single thing I've learnt while editing and revising my first book. In alphabetical order.

Yep... this girl has some major ambitions...

Sadly, this will mean that I won't be visiting back blog commentors until May, since I really really won't have time. But I will follow back as close to immediately as I can.

If I'm scarce on your blog, please think of me and know that I'm missing you.

See you on the other side! X


  1. You could probably go through the alphabet several times with that theme!

  2. Hey! I wasn't going to it this year but at the last minute I entered my other blog
    And what's funny, is I thought today was April 1st. I already posted the first one. Silly me.

  3. Hey Misha,
    Yes, it's me, your loyal fan. That seems like some undertaking for the um 'challenge'. Of course, you must remember that this year has a 'leap alphabet'and this entails the double usage of the letter 'a' to balance out the alphabet in this leap year.
    And never worry about visiting my lousy blog. You have standards to uphold :) Seriously, have fun with the challenge and happy writing.
    With respect, Gary

  4. Great theme! Good luck and have fun. :)

  5. Good luck, don't forget to breathe!

  6. Wow, Misha you are going to be kept busy, have a great time!

  7. I look forward to reading about edits and revisions as that is one area that I need to improve upon!


  8. Cab't wait for your entries and will miss your visits. Se you soon.


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