Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A to Z Challenge: Doing What You Must

Well... Today, to say the least, did not go to plan. If it had, a post about Dialogue and Voice would have been up for about seven hours.

But... five hours of being obligated by social standards to visit with my great aunt (and driving her home and back) and two and a half of singing shot that idea right out of the water.

Right after they torpedoed my hopes of writing my 600 words to get to my daily goal.

Fact is, I could write now, but my brain is feeling sort of empty. A little dizzy, even.

So... today's post has been moved courtesy of my extensive vocabulary and ruthless use of synonyms.

But that's not where I was going. Hopping right back on topic, today reminded me of something that might be of value to you.

I have had more than a few of my friend on the blogosphere ask how I wrote in between all my studies and social life and everything else that I must attend to.

I always answer in some variation of the following: I do what I must.

Classes were important to me, so I had those fixed in my schedule. Projects? Get them done. Friends? Coffee or a long visit? Either way, it was done. Same with fencing, same with meetings, same with studying for tests. Blogging got a slot in the evenings when I had nothing to do.

As for writing? I decided to write in the small hours in between classes when I couldn't get anything academic done.

There never was a thing for me about whether I had time or not.

I made it and did what I had to to get as much done as possible.

Was the system perfect? Pretty much... Yes, there was an issue with my *cough* economics *cough* but I know that I could have spent the semester only doing that cursed subject without passing the class. I mean, I had a distinction going into class...

Sorry. Back on track. So, I don't really see today as a lost day. I got out of the house. I got to do something else that I love passionately (talking and singing) and I did get 500 words done. I even got some reading done while waiting for my gran, my great aunt, my singing instructor and the choir.

As far as having a good life goes, today was pretty up there.

And that makes me happy.


  1. Wel, 500 words is a whole lot better than a big fat 0!! And as for economics - PSHAW! - everybody has trouble with that subject!

    And today sounds like one of those days that does make you happy! Hope tomorrow brings more of the same!
    Judy (South Africa)

    (PS Today was a good day for me too! My cover is up on my blog! Squeeeee!)

  2. wow- impressive schedule! I can operate like that for a certain period of time, then I collapse, then I start again!

  3. Man, I hate it when my schedule gets derailed! Sounds like you've made the most of it, though.


  4. Nice job! You accomplished all your goals. Anyone that can sing earns my applause. Too bad I wasn't in your class because economics is my strongest subject! After all, it's what I got my degree in! I would've loved to help you out!

  5. You've got the right attitude and one I need to follow more. You sound like you have a good system in place. Thanks for sharing. It is something I will definitely try. I always feel like there is not enough time in the day.

  6. Wow, you're very disciplined.

  7. You sound so full of energy, today, something I'm totally lacking in. You also sound so organized. The two go so great together. And singing and being with your aunt is definitely good.

  8. I have a busy schedule as well, but I like it that way. Boredom is not in my vocabulary.

  9. Any words are better than no words! Good for you for getting the words in among your busy schedule.

  10. I know this feeling oh so well. Doing what you have to is what it is. There's no other option if you want to live your dream. Good for you, your outlook is very inspiring and something I needed to hear today.

  11. That attitude will get you published sooner or later! Hopefully sooner.

  12. wow! great goal and way to go for getting 500 in along with all the other things. glad you had an up there kind of day! christy

  13. You always have such a good attitude about things! I commend you.

  14. As long as you have a few words down on the page and are willing to better your craft, you'll be a writer. Most successful writers got there that way! Love the background of your blog , btw :) Happy A2Z !

  15. I didn't write when I was in college, and maybe that's for the best. I'm not sure I would have been able to do it and keep up my studies. So I deeply admire you!

  16. Okay, Misha, because of your disclosure of how you manage to get some writing into your day, I no longer have ANY excuses. I'm just plain lazy. There, I said it. How do I change that???

  17. nice to read your upbeat post. I fear mine will become more and more of a downer as I get sick of the challenge - best David

  18. That's great you got 500 words written regardless of the other things you had going on today. I heartily agree that you have to do what you must. I remember when I was in college, I did NaNoWriMo. Others complained that they didn't have time to do it, but I made the time. It was something I had to do.

  19. Squee Judy I will go check it out now! :-D

    Noted, Alex. ;-)

    Aine, the same here. I survive better when I don't think of it as a schedule. My mind is an amazingly naive thing, sometimes. ;-P

    I'm not a fan either, EJ, but life happens and I don't want to miss it.

    That's so sweet, Matthew. I actually love Economics and did very well in it, but the pressure of getting through a crap load of pathetically written essays that our lecturers SAID they prepared us for choked me out right before the exams. I got off better than I would have last year, though. My economics could have dragged the rest of my subjects with it. This year, I'll kill it. ;-)

    Amy, I also feel like my day has too few hours. The first step to my method is to just not think about that feeling. :-)

    Myne, my mother would disagree. :-P

    arthursdayschild, you just made me laugh very hard. I'm not organised at all. I'm just a supremely flexible person who knows how to juggle as well as how to deal with it if one of the balls slips through my fingers.

    Luana, I must say, I have a rare appreciation for boredom, because I don't experience it often. Boredom can be very peaceful, but thankfully it doesn't stay fun for long. ^_^

    That's the way I saw it too, Laura. And I'm pretty much set to catch up later today. :-D

    I'm glad, Melissa. :-)

    Thanks Connie! I hope so! :-D

    Thanks Christy! May you have an up there kind of day today. :-)

    Thanks Devin!

    Great advice Damyanti. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

    Thanks Stephanie! Well, you might have been smarter than me. At least less insane. ;-)

    Kelly, I'm also lazy by nature. The best way to get stuff done is to start small and work your way up. :-)

    David, you'll be surprised at how upbeat you can become by watching how you write something. I had to try very hard with this post to not sound tired and peeved.

    Sarah I attempted my first NaNo last year during finals, but stopped when it threatened to get in the way of my studies. I just realized that I will have to work my way around that yet again this year. Because of the economics I mentioned before. Sigh. I'll face that when the time comes.


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