Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ever been worried about doing or telling someone something?

Well, as some of you might know... I've been working really hard to get together the guts to tell my mom about my economics.

Yesterday we were driving and spoke about completely other things and studying somehow came up. Before I knew what was happening, I blurted out that my economics were well beyond salvage now. To my surprise, it didn't turn into our customary fight, but rather we started speaking about why I was struggling to study the work required. 

For those of you that were wondering, think four old family Bibles. In essays. With the succession of essays having nothing to do with each other. And most of the essays have a lack of coherence. The authors clearly never learnt that the intro needs to involve the topic, or that the body needs to involve the intro. Or that the conclusion must have something to do with the essay they had written.

Sorry. I really get angry that we are marked strictly on the form and structure of any essays we write, but are then forced to sit through work that is far below that standard, just because the writer of that essay has a M or a PHD tagged to his degree.

I know that they know more than I do, but it does not cancel out the fact that 75% of them need an editor.

Oh. And while I'm this hideously off topic, wouldn't it be nice if our lecturers actually read what they selected? That way, they would notice that what they give us in a way of information, does not correspond to the lectures...

"Read tomorrow's essay before class,"  they say.
And then forget to mention which of the essays happen to be the ones that need to be read. I was not aware that economics students need to attend Paranormal Studies 148: Telepathics.

Phew. Aaaaaanyway... I pretty much went into that rant yesterday, and I assume my mother got what I meant. Well... She commented as follows...

"So you always think that you're above average. Are you saying no-one passed?"

My reply:

"No, but I estimate that about 80% of the class sat through the course at least twice." Which is a valid point to make. Our average third year subjects have around 200-250 students enrolled. Economics: 600-800. Hmm...

And that was that. My secret is out. I still have my head...

Kidding. My mother is seriously an awesome woman. Just the fact that she took the news this calmly attests to it. We just don't always understand each other the way we'd like to. It is the curse of being in a stubborn family. We take a point, form an opinion and stick with it until the time that someone can change our opinions. And that means conflict.

Lots of it.

But there isn't a woman out there that I love and respect more than her. It's just that our opinions about the direction of my life tend to differ.


To think that I've been ranting about coherence. I think I covered three topics in one composition...

Academia here I come! 


How are you doing? Who finished their NaNo's? Any stories of telling someone something scary? How did it turn out?  


  1. Oh, talking to parents about anything can be a scary prospect, Misha. Even at my ‘mature’ age, it’s like speaking a foreign language, discussing anything other than the weather with them (and even that can be challenging). Interestingly, I very nearly blogged about that exact subject yesterday.

    Glad you managed to tell her though in the end though :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. hahaha my mom and I actually have a freakishly good relationship.

    The studies thing is sort of the exception to the rule, since she dislikes being contradicted and I dislike having my life formed by the invalid expectations of people I 1) don't know, or 2) don't care about. And since my mom tends to match my career decisions with the above, contradictions are rife.

    I'm also glad I told her though. It was starting to drive me insane.


  3. Economics SUCKS. I didn't study it but I know people who did and it was most everyone's least favorite, most struggled with.

    You mom does sound pretty great to be so understanding!

  4. Your mom sounds like a great person. :)


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