Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNo Day!

Hey all!

Just want to say thanks and welcome to everyone that followed recently. You guys are really awesome.


Thanks to everyone that gave advice about what I should write. I decided that Doorways is the best thing to write.

Even if it means that I don't win... Sigh. Did I mention before how much I hate losing?

Aaaaanyway... Today is the first day of NaNo, and the goal is 1667 words (which means mine will hover at around 1800-2000 words. But... I have to write those words in four hours or less today.

I won't be studying this morning, not due to NaNo, but due to the fact that we moved yesterday and my cat was less than amused, and so proceeded to keep me awake most of last night. If I had two hours of continuous sleep that would be a lot.

This pretty much explains the style (or lack of it) of today's post. Keeping my thoughts in order is a little impossible. But for some reason, exhaustion tends to open my writing up, so...

Today's plan will be...

1) Finish today's post
2) Shower and get ready to go.
3) Drive to Cape Town (my brother is writing his last twelfth grade exams today)
4) Write in car while waiting 3 hours for him to finish.
5) Drive home.
6) Sleep.
7) If possible study.

Still, I'm pretty sure that the plan may change. Exhaustion does that to me.

Anyhow. Who's starting NaNo today?

What are your plans/strategies to get it done? What are your word goals?


  1. Same to you! Happy NaNo! I don't make word goals... I just wite in every free moment I get and the word count usually takes care of itself. :)

  2. Practically every blog I read is about NaNo. Beginning to feel a bit left out. But, being a smoker, I’m used to being in the minority ;)

    Good luck with it all, Misha :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  3. Awe! My kitties weren't at all pleased last time we moved. It was crazy hell for a week or so (but we have 5) So one shouldn't stay stressed too long!
    Good luck today!

  4. Hi Misha;
    I can certainly relate to moving, unhappy animals, and exhaustion. I am starting NaNo today as well. In fact I am a NaNO virgin. :) Hoping it goes well but I will write one word at a time and see where it leads. Good luck and if you get a chance please drop by.
    Cheers, Heather

  5. GOOD LUCK. I hope you get everything done you need to today.

  6. I usually do that too, Pk, but with my exams falling right over November, I have time constraints to worry about. So I have to write a certain amount in the times available otherwise I will never finish.

    Hahaha Blogger I can imagine that you feel left out a lot. ;-)

    Ours calmed pretty fast, Colene. Last night I slept almost uninterrupted for nine hours. The secret is (I kid you not) to rub butter or margerine on their paws. No idea why that works, but it does.

    I'm a NaNo virgin too, Heather. Hope everything goes well with your WiP. :-)

    Thanks Melissa. (I did :-D)

  7. I was going to try to complete my novel. Inspiration is leaning a different way though. So instead I am finishing my poetry section. NaNo is good excuse to do it .

  8. Sounds like an awesome thing to do. Hope you do well.


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