Friday, January 18, 2013

Please send me awards nominations

Hey all! Before I start with today's post, just want to do two things. 1) Remind you that you have until 31 January to enter my Word Master Challenge. 2) Let you know that my query is being critiqued at The QQQE, if you're interested in seeing a tiny fraction of what Doorways is about.


So I mentioned here that I want to do awards ceremonies to pay things forward to other bloggers. Also, to make others aware of some amazing blogs out there.

Seven AMAZING people volunteered some prizes to pay forward. I'll announce them next week, but in the mean time...

Thank you again! 

With my prize, we have eight in total, so I decided to announce four categories this month so that the winner and runner up can both win something.

These will be January's categories (in no particular order):

Most Encouraging Blogger
Best Reviewer
Best Writing and/or Inspirational Post
Beginner with Most Potential

Please note: I will NOT be accepting nominations in the comments section as the links will probably shoot my spam filter to shreds. BUT, you can tell me what you think of this idea and which categories you want to see next month. Want to make sure I'm running something people like.

If you have nominations, please e-mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the word "nominations" in the tagline. You don't have to nominate for every category, but if you have someone's name immediately popping into your thoughts, you should nominate him/her.

Please spread the word about this, because on Monday, I'll announce the nominees, prizes and sponsors. I'll need you all to vote for the winners.

That's me for today. Have a great one and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great idea! Do we email the nominations to you then?

  2. This is such a cool idea! I'm gonna blog about it today!

  3. Very wonderful idea. It's nice to recognize others like this.

  4. Great idea, Misha. Read your query at QQQE.

  5. Great idea, Misha. I gave a little shout out over on my blog and really hope it takes off :)

    I'll have to give it some thought and send you some nominations.

  6. Oh, cool. I'll have to think about nominations as I visit blogs!

  7. That's so thoughtful of you to put together something like this.

  8. First of all, Doorways is awesome. I wish it all success.

    I should have prizes for next time. :D

  9. That's a really cool idea!

    By the way, I really like what you've done with your query letter. :)

  10. Love this idea and I know who I'm nominating. Damn, I could have offered Finding Esta (do e-copies count, it's not in print yet?). If so, I'll offer that up next time. I'll be in your inbox pronto! :D

  11. Made my nomination, Misha. Great idea.

  12. Fun idea. I'm off to checkout your Doorways query.

  13. This is such a good idea! I'll be emailing you straightaway!

  14. What a neat idea. I've been seeing a trend lately of people wanting to pay it forward in the blogosphere, and I think it's awesome. :))


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